Dekarsinohills 120 Tablets


Dekarsinohills - 120 Tablets
Natural Health Management (Healthy Cell Care)
  Ayurveda considers cancer to be an imbalance of the three doshas -Vata, Kapha, Pitta. Dekarsinohills is a herbal formulation consisting of multiple herbs each possessing tremendous potential to support fight cancer. 
- Turmeric is considered as an excellent health boon across the world. Active herbal ingredients of Turmeric like curcuminoids help to improve blood circulation and also reduce swellings of organs & tissues.
- Kanchanar Guggul helps to regulate the glandular swelling of various tissues and cells.
- Ashwagandha leaves have excellent antioxidant properties.
- Garlic has the potential to enhance body's defense mechanism and may also reduce tumor growth.
- Numerous modern scientific studies support the positive effect of the component herb to focus on rebuilding the body’s natural immunity and strengthen its inherent ability to control cell division.
Benefits :
- As a complimentary or supplemental therapy in treatment of healthy cell care
-May  help reduce fatigue, energizes body and enhances body's immunity
- May help to avoid complication & prolongs healthy life
Direction of Use:
As a dietary supplement take 1 tablet twice daily preferably after meals.  For better results it should be taken with warm water.

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